About Phentaslim

What is Phentaslim?

Phentaslim is a metabolism booster. Products such as this are more commonly known as ‘fat burners’.

The science behind such products is, by raising your metabolic rate, your body will require more fuel.

For those carrying excess weight, a raised metabolism will use stored body fat for energy when following a restricted-calorie diet.

Phentaslim FAQs

How much weight will I lose?

For once the answer is in your hands. By eating a balanced healthy diet and starting some exercise, Phentaslim will work with you to give you the energy and focus to achieve your weight loss goals.

How do I take Phentaslim?

For simplicity, we advise taking one capsule 20 minutes before breakfast, one capsule 20 minutes before lunch, and one capsule late afternoon. Take each capsule with a glass of water.

This is not strict, and taking before food is not a requirement. We offer this simply as a guide that the majority find easy to follow.

You can create your own schedule. Phentaslim is beneficial before exercising; the energy boost can help you reach your fitness goals. All we will stipulate is not to double-up on any serving, and to allow three to four hours between taking each capsule; this will be determined by your own personal tolerance of the product.

Will Phentaslim stop me sleeping?

Phentaslim does contain caffeine so it’s best not to take it late in the day. Avoid taking it after 5 pm.

Who should avoid taking Phentaslim?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have a body mass index (BMI) of less than 18.5, or are under 18 years of age, you should avoid taking this supplement.

Is Phentaslim suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes. Phentaslim uses vegan and vegetarian-friendly HPMC capsules. The ingredients used in the formula are sourced from plants and other non-animal sources.

Can Phentaslim be prescibed?

Phentaslim is formulated using natural ingredients. Phentaslim is a supplement and not a medication, and does not require a prescription. Phentaslim does not contain harsh substances or chemicals often found in prescribed medications.

We cannot advise you about using our supplements alongside prescribed medications.

We would advise you to consult with your doctor if you are using prescribed medications, have an existing medical condition, or have specific concerns about using supplements. They will be able to provide advice that takes into account your personal medical history.