Are these products FDA approved?

We’ll stop you right there.

The FDA does not test, trial, examine, or in any way approve supplements of any type.

Any company that claims their supplements are FDA approved is lying, and you shouldn’t buy from them.

The FDA approves pharmaceutical drugs and food additives destined for use by people and animals. New drugs, food additives, and biologics, such as the sort you would find in prescription medications.

The FDA does not take part in commercial activities. A product approval scheme would be a commercial activity.

In addition, the FDA applies only to the United States and is by no means a measure of universal approval–– substances with FDA approval can actually be banned elsewhere.

European health services often take a stricter view regarding safety and require more substantive testing. This sometimes means products available to buy in the United States are banned from sale in the European market.

Our products are formulated and manufactured under stricter European regulations.

When you see products similar to ours claiming to be FDA approved––they’re not.

What you’re actually seeing is an abuse of the FDA logo.

What you’re seeing is a product that possibly contains an ingredient the FDA has said is okay for use, eg. caffeine.

The FDA has cleared the ingredient, not the product. By showing the FDA logo, these manufacturers are trying to trick you into thinking that their product has been rigorously tested, verified, and approved. The reality is often the opposite.

Just so you know, our products do include ingredients that have been approved for use by the FDA. What you won’t see is any FDA logo misleadingly used on our website and products.