We do not currently offer subscriptions for our products.

We may, in the future, offer a subscription service. If we do, this will be upfront and entirely optional.

At present, when you place an order you will only be charged and sent that one order.

If you require additional products you will need to place a new order.

My transaction shows as continuous. Why?

Please be reassured that your order and payment with us is a one-off, and to receive further products you would need to place a new order.

We’re aware that some banks and apps show our transactions show as continuous––this is incorrect.

This issue arises because our payment provider offers the technical functionality for subscriptions. This functionality is not something we make use of. Despite this, some transactions can be falsely flagged as continuous during processing between banks.

The same issue can sometimes be seen with PayPal accounts. You can remove any such permissions from within your account settings.