We accept credit and debit cards from Visa and Mastercard directly via our website. Card payments are securely processed by our card processor; we do not see or hold records of your card details.

You can also pay using PayPal.

For additional methods, such as American Express, please use your card via PayPal. The PayPal Guest Checkout option may accept additional options.

If you are offered PayPal Credit, or another installment payment method, please be aware that your obligation and any interest accrued is between you and your credit provider. We cannot assist with installments, revoke late payment fees, or refund interest accrued on your payment account.

Please note that your payments are a one-off and are not a subscription. More information about this can be read here: Subscriptions.

PayPal ‘double’ charge?

If you have paid via PayPal’s Credit/Debit card option, you might see two pending payments showing on your bank account. This is not a double charge.

This happens because PayPal (for unexplained reasons) sometimes check whether you have sufficient funds by sending a test transaction for the full amount. Once verified, they then send the actual transaction.

This can result in two, full amount, pending payments showing on your balance. Whilst payments are pending, no money has left your account; your bank simply places the funds to one side, for later processing.

Only the actual payments will complete processing. The test payment will lapse back onto your balance after a number of days, determined by your bank’s holding times. This is usually between one and five working days but could be as many as ten working days.

Unfortunately, test transactions by PayPal are outside of our control; please accept our apologies for the confusion it causes.